Three weeks ago today (that's how far behind I am!), I gave one of Intel's "Sponsored Technical Sessions" at SIGGRAPH. Last year I presented one slide in the OpenGL ES BoF. This year I present in my company's paid room. Next year... the world.

The presentation was a brief overview of performance tuning graphics applications... games... for the open-source driver on Intel's GPUs. This is a collection of tips and suggestions that my team has gathered from tuning our driver for shipping apps and working with ISVs like Valve. I'm already working to improve the slide set, and I'm hoping to present something similar at GDC. We'll see how that turns out.

Anyway, my slides are available from Intel.

Hi Ian,

That's an interesting talk! Any plans on discussing about that @ XDC and what other drivers should do to improve debugability?

Comment by Martin Peres Fri Aug 16 02:16:30 2013
On the topic of what other drivers (and the Intel driver, too) can do to improve debugability and better performance monitoring... that's my LPC talk. :) If there are any free slots at XDC, I could rehash it there. I'm already signed up for two other XDC talks, so I don't want to hog all the time. :)
Comment by IanRomanick Fri Aug 16 09:45:55 2013