The slides from my FOSDEM talk are now available.

Hi, thanks for your work, link to slides appears to be broken, would be great if you could update. Thanks!
Comment by Helge Bahmann Sun Feb 2 00:59:41 2014
Oops. Stupid copy-and-paste bug. :( Should be fixed now.
Comment by IanRomanick Sun Feb 2 06:32:11 2014

Seems a shame to reinvent the wheel again and again as Nvidia has a good IR for OpenGL and now also Intel OpenGL Win graphics driver developers are doing the same.. Seems Intel talked about "Common Low Level Intermediate Representation for 3D Graphics" at "Compiler, Architecture and Tools Conference" last year.. Intel only posted abstract about that talk not presentation and since you seem to work for Intel would it be possible to gather details of this work as seems this IR is designed for full OGL 4.4 compliance.. and also share presentation and your thoughts about that? thanks..

Comment by oscar Fri Feb 7 08:44:48 2014
Has been posted: I haven't watched it yet, so it might be terrible. shrug
Comment by IanRomanick Mon Feb 10 15:29:37 2014